We at Mahavir Group thrive very hard to ensure supreme quality-control over the construction advancement. A dedicated team handling its individual profile is deputed in all necessary categories to make sure there are no lapses in following the mandates which also eliminates any minute chance of fallacy/mistake.

Based upon the area of expertise the roles have been defined and assigned. The development of the construction of projects are very closely monitored and supervised. Sanctions and Compliances for all the projects are duly obtained from time to time. All the details about all our projects can be viewed and verified on MahaRERA website.

We are known to deliver excellence in Real Estate on or before the date of delivery to our customers. Our track record is our biggest Testimonial and our Happy Customers are our Greatest Reward. It bring a sense of pride to see the houses we built bloom as homes.

Our Philosophy


We believe with ordinary talent and extra-ordinary perseverance, all things are attainable. We believe in walking a mile extra to make sure all the mandates, permissions, authorizations and compliances are taken care of before handing over the possession to our customers. Nonetheless, the service does not end with the handover of possession. We believe in building a lifelong relationship on the roots of trust and conviction with our customers. We acknowledge that Perseverance is the hard work we do after we are exhausted of doing the hard work and this is certainly our forte.


Commitments are the foundation stones of the great accomplishments of our company. We made commitments in the past and we build our customers hope. When we kept it, we built Trust. We built this empire on the roots of trust and faith of happy Customers from past several decades. And therefore we believe that when the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind. These strong roots encourage us to be the forerunners in designing flagship layouts for spacious real estates in downtown of Mumbai.


Taking motivation from the completed projects from the past we continue to wear the crown jewel of prototype performers in real estate design and excellence. We do not fear to be creative and therefore are looked upon as trend setters. We do not hold ourselves back from giving our customers a little extra, a little more than what they expect. A little gratification of facilities from us glorifies their entire experience of living which is indeed the biggest compliment for us.